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Radley Scientific Ltd
Bremridge House HQ

Bremridge House Headquarters

This building was converted from the Bremridge Farm outbuildings in 1994 as Oscar began to have an impact on the market and SRA Developments Ltd needed pilot scale premises for R&D and production. SRA Developments subsequently split off the production work and the R&D business became Radley Scientific Ltd (RSL).

R&D & Regulatory

A fundamental objective of Radley Scientific Ltd is to use its technical and marketing expertise to create innovative solutions to practical problems. Lateral thinking, backed up by decades of experience of applying ultrasonic technology, is the key to our success.

Everything we develop is patented as a first step. Using our expertise in recognizing genuine novelty, we focus on areas where few or no patents exist. This results in original ideas, with strong, defendable intellectual property and, in turn, maximum potential value.

Our R&D team combines the disciplines of maths, physics, chemistry and materials science with core competence in mechanical, electrical, electronic and software engineering. Expertise in using sophisticated mathematical, CAD and electronic design software is a key aspect of design and development work in R&D.

We have a proven track record in achieving both CE and FDA regulatory compliance in a range of medical device applications and our technology is protected by worldwide patents. Regulatory also looks after critical areas such as the cleaning and sterilization validation of designs for product to be supplied sterile plus registrations for entry into market territories around the World.

Sales, Customer Services and Finance

Our dedicated Customer Services team occupies the main office in the original building. They deal with all customer enquiries but also provide support for our Sales Team distributed across the country. Our Area Sales Managers supported by the Technical Representatives are regarded as some of the best trained and hardest working in the business. Following the Commercial Director's lead of always going the extra mile to deliver World class service to RSL's customers, they deliver one of our company's key value adding attributes.

The Finance team work alongside the Sales and Commercial Directors, when they are on site.

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Registered Office:
Radley Scientific Ltd, Bremridge House, Bremridge, Ashburton, Devon, TQ13 7JX, UK.
Registered in England No.10423579
VAT Registration Number: GB 254 2321 34
Telephone: +44 (0)1364 653899
Email: steveyoung@radleyscientific.co.uk